A grl talk

Why a girl is always having some boundries but not for a boy.why she has to abide with many laws of society.why she cannot do what she wish to do.why these injustice ..to dress like this..to behave like this..to talk like this…to move like this..to adjust everything…why ???

Is she meant to live only the way the society wants her to be ? Not so  right ?

If a girl is doing any good deeds then it is her duty..if she did any out of restrictions then she s named as wore..is it what the society is says that is full of her mistake..nobody is going to take responsiblity for her mistake..but every one will name her success as just by them.

She is never praised but she is  always blamed for doing her likes

Is sacrificing and adjusting is only girl duty ???though bending down for the society..leaving out her egos,attitude,wishes ,respect for her family.why she is not happy..?what people are expecting actually.satisfying peoples is not so easy..and people are not going to satisfy soon.adjusting all time is not also possible .then how to be ?

To do what she likes or what others like the way she  wants to be ?