“CAGED LIFE ” of a Woman ! do u hear the cries of woman ?

innermost-thoughtsHi readers..did we got independence ??woman independence ? 

Are we are free to do anything what we want ??

Did all our wishes coming true ?

Are we independent really?

certainly not ! Today May be ,many women are achieving excellence but only after undergoing lots and lots of struggles . Being a  men , it is entirely a different set of stories.they are so lucky.they don’t need anyone permission for doing anything, they can do whatever they think ,is this right ?

why this partiality ,inequality between the gender bias. only for words, everyone is saying all are equal but we are not treated on the same way.

Worst part of the humiliation is even a woman deploys and destroy another woman.Jeolousy,ego and few other emotions of  women makes her to behave violently towards another women.

And again ,men chauvnistic over women.domestic violence and domanince

If she flew from there  this society gives bad name to woman.

if she breaks the rule to get succeed in her life ,if she wants to go out then her parents will catch some  fear that their daughter may go in a wrong way and even they let them to go out also ,they used to watch her all times and constantly keep doubting her.

All should abide by the rules of society just for name sake .is it a life without living on your own decisions ?

Incase of boy child ,he don’t have that restriction .he can fly freely  and  he can do anything ,even though it is good or bad that doesn’t matters.

Boy or Girl ?both are children for the parents in case of family. there will be a good understanding between father and mother and same for brothers and sisters then why the same is not treated unsociety too.

Then why This society imposes rules separately for girls. why it makes the parents to treat their child differently.

if no one understand the cries of a woman where she goes ? Who should support her?

By nature itself she is a fragile soul who nurture this world of hapiness with her love by having all kind of internal and external pains.

Apart from this she faces so many challenges such as struggles,sex abuses,discriminations,assassinations,ill-treated,acid attacks,harasement,getting raped .

In spite of all odds  she is trying to be more stronger day by day. she takes challenges in taking care of her family by sacrificing so many things and fulfilling the needs of everyone.

men used to flirt sometimes.she is being cheated and played like a toys.apart from all of toys people used to play with feelings.how much she could bear.lots of pain and tears,mourn,etc..she servers as a servant sometimes  and sometimes  slave just only for the love.

many of jokes came like that she is cheater,she wants more money and gold and everything so ,she torture her husband and get divorce and make her children lonely and even to the worst part she was named a prostitute also. She was ill-treated with porn pictures.

is that really? no. Then why this society is not understanding the woman.every woman is a mother,sister,daughter,lover,wife.then treat all of them as same like one in your family.why you are misbehaving with them.

what she wants actually ?do you know ?what it is ?

An unconditional love.only love.love only.so ,give your shoulder to support her,console her,wipe her tears.

She needs a moral support by her  family and this society .keeping all this in mind let her fly her way by giving importantance.let the way for a woman to get succeed for the same

Let we take bird for an example .

Bird is meant to fly ,its birth secret is to fly.It is born for the purpose to fly that’s  why it is named as ” paravaai”  in a tamil language.if that bird is kept in a cage means then what is the use of being born.samething for a woman too.let woman to fly free.don’t suppress her with rules .she is meant to nurture,loved,cared and get succeed not for humiliating.she is delicate and  fragile have to handle like a flower .don’t try to crush her. please understand her and try to love her back .she gave so many things for you.she give birth to you,she cared you,she loved you,she gave herself completely for your hapiness.all she needs is only love.love her.love woman.give her independence and make her happy.

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