A Magical Box


Brain is the magician who creates tasks to perform the show of magic with a trump card of sequences hunted  from this treasure box.👝🎩💥💫💭


Have you ever had a Dream ????? 🤔

The Most probable answer is                   yes, i guess.🤗

If so, then let me ask you few more questions.

Everybody should come  across a dream for sure atleast once in their lifetime right ?

What is a dream called ? How it is created? What makes a person to dream and how it will be created ?

Dreams are electrical impulses of brain which creates Random images that crosses your mind with different set of stories…💭

Creation of Dreams….💬Dreams

They generally occur during REM (Rapid Eye Movement)of our  sleep cycle and the cortex present in  our brain is more responsible for those visualising effects 😎.

while sleeping your brain will be more active in gifting you more varieties of feelings and emotions.

they might be some sort of                fantasies 🤡😇👝🤠👼👸🤖💍👒👑 , some fearful flies👽👾🎃👺👿☠👻😈, some spiritual🤞🙏💫🕉✡🕎⚛☀️📿,    some soul soothing 👩‍✈️👨‍🎨👨‍🔬👩‍⚕️👨‍🎓👩‍🚒👩‍🎤 , some imaginary⛄👰💃🎎🎍🎏🎐🏘🏦, some adventurous🏇🏅🏆🎣🤺🤽‍♀️ some  thrillers🎃🎬📽💵🗡⚰🎴.

Any kind of  stories that flashes your mind  for a second or a minute  or  they can be a maxium for 90 minutesor they may be like a random numbers.some will stay in our memory .some will vanish like a flash message once you got to know . 0bafb1740a36dc6e6a85de370c9bb07c

Do you know why ? Have you come across this question at any time ?

A dream which we maximum remember usually occurs at theta stage of our sleep cycle .especially as a early morning dreams.

These Dreams makes us to realize like acting in real until  we awake.This is due to the effects of neurochemicals reactions

Have you ever imagined that🗯😒How we recollect our information ? 👥 what makes us to feel cling to few things 🤝 or to feel the pain ?😢😒 what makes us to rejoice😊 or to cry😭 ?what makes us fight?😖😲😡😠 what makes us so excited about something,….etc😀🤓

All answers are nothing but a pattern or symbols or a design catalogue that naturally exists in our brain which fuels  up with some hormones for our day to day activities…

Do you believe???

If i say that our mind  is a monitor which stores all information of what we see, what we hear, what we smell ,what we sense  like everything ,each and every activity is getting watched  like a god .we generally called it as a  conscience. Though we lie ,it knows everything.

Thats why we are calling a foolish person as a brain drain person .ha ha😂 states very funny😂

As far as our brain is a huge server that stores bits and pieces of information as a blockchain of data in neural networks with a help of an electric pulses .This is so called a mere imaginary photography of patterns based on all your senses.

This magical box collects the informations from our subconscious mind and stores as bank for some treasure hunt games.

In Our consious mind , we can re-collect things  from our stored memory which we aware  but this subconscious storage of data automatically dones without our knowledge .

This magical box unleashes our thought process from this subconscious storage.Which creates some magical illusions  as dreams..

Dreams are thoughts. Dreams are creativity .Dreams are reasons to fly around the sky.Follow your dreams

Dreams are our best versions.

if you dream a dream constantly on a repeated basis  then its like prototype .it is a vision for our future mission.just like that you can see it as an end product once you believe

So a little request for you all…

Be wise in your thoughts just because it’s a base of your dream. Think good , feel good  and speak wisely .

listen to wise people .Ignore your negativity .surround yourself with motivating people’s for a positive vibes and start following your dreams…….😎

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