Screenshot_20190602-163026_ChromeHi everyone what is beauty ?

The features which defines the precsions of your beauty or someone’s decided there any predefined perfection of length ? Or width ? Or height of your nose ? Is it ears,eyes or face ?

Beauty is color ? Then it is Pale or pink or yellow or orange or what is or black or white or what ? People discriminate to mistreat people .which is welcoming and acceptable here?

Is beauty is how your body looks ? Fat or slim or healthy or being fit or zero size ?people use to body shame and hurt someone because of their ideology.

Is the beauty standard fixed by your eyes or brain ? If it is eyes ? Then what is the beauty for blind peoples? Or if it is a brain ,what about autism or brain retard child ?

Actual beauty is what ? Do you have answer?

Let imagine ,we were in a world of darkness where you cant even see the people because there is no shine or light to check anything there.

Only you can sense and feel the soul of pure hearts and their characters and smell such case how you will decide the beauty ?

Beauty is hidden in soul :inner beauty of their behaviour and characters which makes them to smell nice .so in this dark world you can’t find a technological advanced devices or chemicals to change anything from the natural existence.

Here how you will predict the beauty ?

So please forget the outer appearances and start treating the people well based on their inner will never change  due to age or time.

Eternal beauty is soul:love the soul



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