Burning in boilers

We all come across this feeling burning in boilers for this summer ,have you ever thinked of it as why this much of hot feeling , for this year compared to our previous summers ?

While sitting in AC ,we feel like normal temperature, when we come out of it,we tempt to be burned out .hot hot climate like ice creams are melting in fraction of seconds when taken out and lipsticks are melting too😰😨.wet hair turned dryed in seconds without dryers.waters are evaporated and dehydration happening even gulping out litres of water.skin burns out to red and getting tanned even having the chances of getting skin cancers.

Skin irritation, less appetite ,breathing problems,less natural resources but more prices .

Summer means mangoes ,palm fruits,juices,jackfruit,coconut water, sleeveless,skincare regimes,sunscreens, etc

Now all these are not in affordable prices.one normal size coconut prices have hiked upto minimum of 60rs to 80rs.palm fruit are not able to see as available in markets.Due to declined in vegetable growth ,markets prices are hiked for tomato 50rs kg.

Our economic condition and these vegetable prices having lots of mismatch and  Air condition  electricity chargers having big  ladder to manage and maintain for running a middle class family.

All these were due to industrial development and emission of chemical into oceans and destroying the natural resources of our well cultivated land and polluting the water resources and the emission of green house gases.

Enormous release of plastics and non -degradable waste like medical and electronic and industrial wastes into this soil which made our earth as worst as possible.

Destroying all the cultivated land into flats and industries and destroyed the forest areas for industrial purpose and employment schemes due to our economic population..

Population is the major reason for this pollution and another major reason is due to de-forestration and less farmers due to lack of water resource and insufficient  tools and techniques..

Avoid global warming by treating our earth as delicate as possible to give as a better place for our future generation .

Save the resources from our home.use less water by recycling and avoid leakage and wastage and use public transport for single use .maximum use bicycles to get fit and healthy life and avoid pollution. Dont use cars for a single use .close water when it is not in use.Eat food properly and dont waste it.while taking itself take limited quantity and eat ,so that we can avoid the wastage. Recycle every product as possible.pls dont buy unnecessary and unwanted products as additional .

Think wise and act wisely .

Save our resources for our future generations.

Try to use the resources effectively and save our earth from global warming.

If the same temperature persists and continue to increase  more and more means our earth will become Mars and mercury then no life will be on this earth,so try to understand this and save the earth .

One thought on “Burning in boilers

  1. Now i see why girls bothered about summer 😂 melting lipstick. Jokes apart. I wish Thanos is here to snap his finger to wipe out half of population from existense. Including me. This rise in population and industrial growth is a harm to our planet earth. no wonder why god bring out big natural disasters. i wish more corporates involve then and should do something for earth.


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