Sowkarpet shopping

Hi everybody, 👋

Well everyone must be heard of street shopping…👉

One fine Sunday ,we started by mid aftnun on hot air of summer time for a street shopping 😰.I boarded bus along with my two other friends but we didnot got seat initially and went on standing in a rush and after many stops,we somehow managed to sit and reached Broadway.

later, we catched some auto for heading to mint street in sowkarpet

We all exited in shopping ,thinking of getting quality product at some cheap cost ,with that excitement we entered into the street.

Entering the busy street of sowkarpet

Yeah I went to sowkarpet thinking of getting nice accessories at some cheap cost like thiyagarayar nagar but frankly speaking guys pls dont go for sowkarpet for accessories,it is of high cost .one bangle cost 1000rs and one earing cost 800rs .if you want to buy some gud stuffs it cost more and more .normal daily wear starts minimum above 200rs.we can go for online better than that atleast we can avoid the rush , dust and pollution.

Accessories are costly to buy can  compare the prices with online shopping

Truth is apart from accessories you can buy some decent clothing at cheap cost with quality many varieties available there.A fashion designer must go there to bring out a brilliant piece.

Yeah,running materials, lehanga choli’s, bridal wears ,sarees for your family members are nice to buy in sowkarpet .they can come around in your budget friendly shopping.

Also you can find north Indian fruits and dry fruits abundant there .

Busy streets filled with lots of emotions and so many stuffs where you rejoice buy fulfilling your eyes and stomach .

Lots of chats and marwadi dishes are available there.everyone must to try kachori,aloo tiki,hot jelabi,ghee fried aloo based chats,etc

Busy shop which has Tempting smell and tasty food and very famous in sowkarpet filled with lots of people all the time :so obviously quite high rate but with good quality chats: this kakada ramprasad

Lassi lovers should try one old age shop showing a small board open since 1928 shop who sells a glass full of saffron special lessi for 150rs  and half glass for 70rs which will fill your whole stomach (rich delicacy)and special masala buttermilk also you should try from the shop.

They follow Authentic and very old tradition for preparing this lassi and buttermilk .this small shop holds a big place in customer hearts.

Mehandi shops at road side along with some handcrafted bags .you can see autorickshaw too..

Sowkarpet is a feeling where you can experience many new things many streets to explore there.all the above is related to only one street:mint street

So,explore and enjoy more

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