Shopping !

Ecommerce :Online shopping

People who hates huge crowd and who stand in queue for billing will always go either for mall kind or online shopping .

In this case ,due to huge prices of mall ,people tends to go for online shopping

Let us come to case of online shopping ,what we see ,the same texture and quality of product differs while we receive the product. What happens here actually a technique to cheat you guys.

People mind set will not look for the quality of the product whether this is worth to the price tag or not ? They look for offers and discounts .

Automatically we go for higher discounts, did you ever notice the price details without offer period,actually it is similar close to the original price of offer price. Hows this possible ? How these ecommerce industries having huge revenue compared traditional outlets ?

Have you thinked about it ?

Understanding the needs and basic human Psychology ,Brain get attracted to the things which comes at easy price .we automatically loaded with that rules of managing the budget for our economy.

They initially pit huge price and give some 80 or 50 % discounts .this tagging of price will make us so fool to think about the quality of product .

We automatically buy it since it is less than what next the delivery might get delayed in delivery or the cloth difference or may the product having the second quality.who gonna care about all these things ?
Since we dont know about the products originality ,our mind accepts thos fake product or second quality by trusting the site .This helps them in adulteration of products from local to the original companies .

So beware of online fraudulent and re-check while ordering any product and confirm before paying your money for the same .

Apart from that, online shopping helps us in saving the money, time and energy .it is budget friendly and anybody can try out any new fashions that is trending in the market and also this online shopping help us in exploring various brands and products at one place where we can compare the prices and also the review is available for each and every which is very helpful in buying those new products .
Return policy is available. Assured products also available .lots of benefits available in this online shopping.

Everything has both pros and cons .even we are not that much perfect to decide take out the good things and leave out the bad things and enjoy your shopping by being little careful at the same time.

Hope you enjoyed reading..catch you soon with some other intresting

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