Little things

Hi everyone ! Everybody must come across these kind of little things which makes smaller or greater impact on others life .

Many people are doing so many many happiness surrounds us but we forgot to notice those few since it is just a little things.

Little things (which aren’t little) which I happened to observe yesterday.

Let me share few here ..

1) Auto driver:
I saw this man cleaning the ticks of a doggo with all the patience and love. The doggo was waggling his tail and looking at the man’s face along with other three doggos standing nearby 💓 All the four doggos eyes were smiling and seeing the man with full of love.
The auto man doesn’t have any need to do this yet he does it out of love.

2) Silver hair Thatha:
This old man was standing there with all the gray hair wearing vellai veshti & sattai with a mile wide smile. This isn’t the little thing which I’m talking about 😅 the thing here is he was wearing a pair of green Crocs which I absolutely found it cute.
He doesn’t care about others, he simply wears what he wants. He doesn’t give a damn. Be like silver hair Thatha 🥰.

Live a life with a kid heart that doesnot gonna care about others  opinion is biggest  happiness

3) Grumpy kadalai selling akka:
I see this woman everyday as I sit in the train, she sells the kadalais; I smile at her everyday but I never got the smile back. Yesterday as she was carrying her basket and selling them she got a phone call from someone, she paused and moved to one corner of the platform to pick the call. She spoke to the person who was on the other end beaming with smile ♥️ and full of glee. We really don’t know what one person is going through, all we can do is be kind (mere thing).

4)  Heart stealer :                                    This guy used to smile on each and every  person crossing him.Giving away all of his smile is his beautiness which steals many hearts.someome who go through bad day can change their mind to smile for while is a gift which we can share with others with no cost.

5) Bus Travel Experiences :

When the bus is crowded and a person standing asks the person sitting to hold her bag…
Response: Are we your servants to hold your bag?!
Positive thinking:The person sitting had no intension to rob anything from the other person’s bag 😆😂
On a serious note, let’s be a lill considerate about others when possible! Holding a bag isn’t a big burden 😊

6) A naughty kid :

This kid will do what he wants to do at any cost .if he claims on a table ,If we say you gonna fall means he wont listen ,he tries till his best either of falling or standing. He gets angry if we tries to control him and he wont understand like we are  trying to guiding him or provoking him as wrong .when he falls he goes of with a dont care attitude .

This kind of attitude we have to develop with ourself to achieve our goals .we should not worry about falling down.we have to mearn from our own experience instead if comparing our life with others .

Instead of trying to beat other in a race,if we focus  on improving our past will give a better future..

So ,try to notice these kind of few little things and learn from it.sometimes big things will not add values but these little can add and also make others life as much as positive with your little things..

If you like this post ,then pls share your little things here with me …😎


3 thoughts on “Little things

  1. Hey Sanjunaa ! So u r an observer too… a serious one i think.. Thats a lot of happy incidents. You are true. Being happy and taking thinga postive will also make others happy ✨👌 Wonderful post. Keep inspiring us ..✍️👌

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well that is Sanjuna. You are ofcourse not serious i was just mentioning 😉 how can i say that when we personally knew about each other 😂 Keep up the work ✨✍️

        Liked by 1 person

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