Self worship


To understand, connect and assimilate the essence of nature you got to isolate yourself from all the drama and trauma. Solitary state is a pure bliss to me, where you can live in endless imagination. Confining oneself away from the people helps to understand oneself better, infact it makes you realize we’re all one.

Oneness is the only solution for all the global mess.

screenshot_20190619-150330_chrome.jpgqWe talk about conserving the nature where we leave out the fact that we’re a part of nature. One should get into this ego-free zone to understand oneself better and realize we are not different from nature. Keep away your wandering thoughts from near proximity through meditation. Miracles do happen. In order to make it happen BELIEVE. One cannot articulate the experience and feeling which they undergo during realization. ♥️

Treating your soul with mindfulness is biggest feast ever

Surrounding self to the eternity is kind of self reali

One can understand themselves through the search of eternity which we can attain through self workship through yoga and meditation.


Try to travel a lot to find more purpose in your life,it gives you immense pleasure with some experience to read the people and understand things at a better perception to avoid so many problems.

Life is understanding the purpose of living in this earth as what we had  brought, what we had taken few things before committing towards it

Life is so easy. So dont complicate things that’s fall on your path.keep on moving with your righteous steps which leads to  way for a peaceful and soulful life.



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