A Golden Key


” Key “- you know what it means actually?

We have lot of meanings called opening something or clue to find out something ,something like an index or it can be a some other thing also..

What this Golden Key here refer for ?

This Golden Key is rule to live the happiest life

Do you wants to know what it is ?

Answer:  It’s your smile


You have to change your perception of watching the life in different aspects .

We may have lot many challenges and problems in each and every stages of life.

Welcome any situation with a smile for a better life like these  kids

Life gives you  number of possiblities to think,learn and grow by giving you hard times,in those times you have to take it as a learning to survive with your skills by smiling on it.

It may give flowers,it may thrash you,it may roll you,it may take you to stages.everysingle time you have to smile towards the life.  you can pass the hurdles with your smile.

It’s a sign language which everybody can do and understand it.only humans can able go smile and bring the smile in another human.its an unique characteristics of human. So,let’s bring more smile by spreading out the positivity and love in this universe.

Smile is secret golden key of life .which can own anybody hearts,which can heal anybody, which can change the situation and your environment,it can make you stronger,it can brings out the best in people .

So smile alot for a better life .



One thought on “A Golden Key

  1. Watch life in a different perception, that will give you smile 😉 A smile has the power of virus, you know what I mean? It can spread, You smile at a random person and they will smile back too, a simple smile gesture will make someone worst day into a beautiful day. It is indeed a secret key to stay young and healthy life. Keep smiling 🙂 Have a beautiful week ahead 😉


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