Life Lesson Vers 1 – There is no right moment


What is this right moment ?

Is this a right moment ?

When this is a right moment ?

How to realize this is a right moment ?

So many questions ?

Questions may be different but answer is only one ..

Realization point ..awareness of moment

Whether to take up the challenge and ready to face the outcomes or not ..

It’s all again come in another answer called “choices ” and “chances ”

Whether we are taking the chances at the right moment either it is a right choice or wrong choice and again are you willing to face the negative and positive results of your choice

The interlink of TIME ,CHANCE And CHOICE decides one’s life where are they now and how they are going to succeed in their life…

It’s all about the “CONNECTIVITY” of one’s thyself by awaring the moment is right or not or to wait or learn to know when it will be ..

Every question will have many answers and every answer is again a question of another answer..

Life is full of interconnecting the puzzles and we have to make sure how to find the way to get out from the maze .

Few will know what to do and few may not aware .

few have answers in themselves but dont know how to start it .

Few dont know what they are doing now and what they gonna do in future also .

Few will  be simply enjoying the flow but they dont aware if the moment is right or not or they are living the moment.

Awareness of thyself  in relationship with the TIME and MIND and being conscious of one’s ACTION gives the answer for all the mazes of life..

Yes ofcourse ,the answer for this question is exactly the purpose of the life.many dont know the answers like what to use ,when to use and how to use…

Many people doesn’t even realise which part of these answers they are living, may be in right moment or waiting for the moment or they are not even realizing where are they are now

And sure every one has to start their work without minding the consequences by giving out their 100 percent dedication and enjoy what they do ..

Results may be a sweet fruit or bitter fruit. It may be ease or hard on should not worry on those things .just enjoy your choice either as your growth toward success or a learning period..

So, do enjoy what you are doing now  and what you gonna do in future also with all of your heart by mindfulness.

See a simple question of like the below one

Whether to wait for the moment is right ?

Ended with linking the chance ,choice , awaring thyself ,their effort, and how they doing the things with their mindfulness ,etc will decide the results

Likewise in our daily life ,we should not suppose to have only one single answers from one point of view. It may be another different answer  from another one’s perspective or it may be clue of interlinked  situations to solve a solution.

So different perspective view is needed for finding a simple solution .






Wait for the right moment

I am re writing my theories on life lessons, I know you all have read this before, I would only recommend to read this again as I wrote this in a 360 degree view, thinking from others perspective, applying all the answers I can think of.

I am going to ask you a question. Wait for the right moment? So assume you would give me one answer favorable to my question, and another one will give you an opposite answer. I have read many other blogs and people either say wait for right moment, or another set of bloggers say don’t wait for it, both looks very positive, but I do not want to judge which one is right, so here my answer for this question would be

Wait for the right moment; I split this advice into three parts

  • You should wait for the…

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