Are you living your purpose?

How many of you living your purpose ?

How many of you know your purpose of living?

The above two question  has difference in their meaning ?

Read it again to get some more clarity.


Many of us were marching towards a success like a machines running for materialistic pleasures without minding the soul happiness.

Are you happy with what you have ?

Are you satisfied and content and being happy in your current state of mind ?

Are you feeling grateful to this life ?

If not ,then what’s your purpose of being alive by losing all your happiness and your time on the earth.

24/7 hardwork of your work or being a bucket lifter for your boss or laid back on your back and watching the stars or sitting on your ass and changing your TV channels all the day and scrolling unnecessary stuffs and binge eating or what ?  What defines a success ? What defines your happiness ?

Everyday raising and running like rats and get stressed by mingling your personal and professional life and do the same thing again and again and ages passes and die one day this what you actually wants to happen in your life ?

Okay .who can define this purpose ? It is a destiny? Or state of mind ?or status of the society ?

How we wants to be lived, is the way to earn and get succeed but what to do for your earning that makes you happy is your purpose .

Find it in your isolation. This will not be an easy answer.It may take a second or a month or may be an year but you have to find,

what makes you happy and what is your purpose?

if you are not finding it then you are  lossed on your path. So,dont be a lossed sailor who travels on the flow of the ocean .change is inevitable .Train your mind progressively finding it’s way back on life.

Once you got your purpose most of your stress will go out of your mind .you can love yourself and you can also love your Neighbour .There will not be any ego or jealousy or enemity,

when you know, who you are and when you know, what to do in your life.

you will be travelling on the right path which enlightens your journey of soul purpose for this living.

We all want to live in, what I call a universal assignment, the point at which your talents, skills, abilities and gifts intersect with a void or a need in the world around you.

That is, as best I can imagine, the true definition of purpose we should all aspire to seek. But like anything else in the journey of success, it isn’t a fixed point that you arrive at and stay forever. The world changes too often. We change too often. It is the constant search for that point that keeps us on target.

Curiosity naturally leads you to learn, unlearn and re-learn. Philosopher Eric Hoffer said, “In the future, the learners will inherit the earth, while the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.”

When we’re dead and gone, people can judge us on what we accomplished. Until then, it’s up to us to keep searching for what we’ll accomplish next. Your curiosity puts you in the driver’s seat.

Keep the thirst to search in you..its not outside ,search within thyself will be the,keep asking the question within yourself  and you can find your answers in you.

You become what you are..

Thoughts and words have great power..




One thought on “Are you living your purpose?

  1. Purpose of living is a vast area to discuss, but to be in short, the purpose of living is very simple and you need to find yours. The more you ask question about everything you do and whatever you do you’ll realise nothing is going to be permanent. So what’s the purpose of life? Eliminate your desires and accept where you are now, then look around the world with no purpose of anything you look. You’ll understand the true purpose of life can be achieved through the morality and wisdom not with our material desires✨ Eric Hoffer said that very simply which you already mentioned, like wise Rick Warren also has a point ✨✍️ Well written ✨🤗

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