What you watch as you become alike

Hello everyone!  Have a great day.

Words what we use to speak, read and watch in videos and news had become one of the major parts of our knowledge.

Can you think of a better way to spend your time?

Are you using your time wisely?

Let me give you some rules here, if those matches then you are using in right way for your healthy mind .if not? Then you are doing the Doomsurfing and Doomscrolling which is actually killing you slowly.

1) Your day is started, the book/blog/article/podcast/news which you read or hear is making you to learn anything in productive way?

2) The video/movie/vlog is making you feel happy?

3) The music which you hear is turning you peaceful?

Please check all the above .if none of these are making you happy then you are wasting your time and your life too

Doomscrolling and Doomsurfing are new terms referring to the tendency to continue to surf or scroll through bad news, even though that news is saddening, disheartening or depressing.

Mostly when people are in depression or in their sad state of mind they continue to watch the sad music, binge eating a lot and watch love failure movies, heart-breaking news, etc. Then they feel themselves more in depressed state of mind .we should avoid doing these things first. It will eat your quality time and half of your life by your simple scrolls that ended wasting your energy.

Due to this pandemic disease spread wide across the country, we got a lot of time .so most of the people are finding themselves reading continuously bad news about the covid19 without the ability to stop or step back. During Times of crisis and uncertainty, some of us pay more attention to the news, looking for answers.

what we can actually do is stay isolated and relaxed and feel hygienic and work to improve our immune system .Get connected with your loved ones by spending quality time either on call or a video chat .Start reading a book that actually gives you an insight .listen to calm and relaxed or set of jazz or pop or rock music which actually boost your mind set. Sit in silence to enjoy the nature or to listen to your soul and speak with it or do some meditation to clear all your chaos.

Stop doing this Doomsurfing and Doomscrolling until for the “DOOMSDAY”.

Till your last breath, enjoy and pass each moment with happy mind set for a happy living …..

Keep reading my blogs, catch you soon in next interesting blog ….


stay safe ! stay strong !

2 thoughts on “What you watch as you become alike

  1. Hey Sanjuna! Good to see your posts, so positive✨ I would like to add some points, some good habits like early rising and planning a whole day be it listening reading or cleaning or cooking, plan it. That will make your day worth it and will keep you busy✨ Have a beautiful day Sanjuna✨

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