Hi everyone !

Have you ever tried to be perfect in your life and got failed ?

Are you sincerely trying to meet a perfect person in your life ?

To be frank there is no ” perfection ” in life someone who already defined his/her own set of  rules to achieve the  success of happiness is continued to follow as benchmark called this “perfection”.

how come you say this work is perfect ?

Is it based on your expectations met ?

why this expectations needs to be fulfilled to get that  perfection?

someone who already defined his/her standards makes these people to  expect the next person to either meet the same standards or cross beyond those standards .

you are your own competitor nobody else then why we need to replicate someone.

what If we do the same work in a different manner without those perfection list?

There is n number of ways to explore and achieve anything according to each individuals .So, there is no predefined rules to be followed as a mandatory to get that success.

And in-terms of quality the so called “perfect person “–there is no such person exist.

So don’t ever call anybody as perfect person or expect anyone to be your perfect person (this perfect person or a perfection is an illusion of someone’s expectation or predefined standards which is already defined by someone like you )

people usually tell us to avoid making mistakes, we have been told in that way but why avoid making mistakes, when your mistakes can teach you lessons that your perfection cant ?falling down and getting up and moving on is totally ok instead of waiting for perfection and being lifeless.

Are you the person of avoiding making the mistakes?Don’t ever be scared of failures. So, don’t try to be perfect all the time. Keep moving on by having the confidence in you to recreate the perfection by your action as a new standard. life is an experiments to learn and grow. Failure is an opportunity to learn .Mistakes makes you a Wise person.

Only Human have the capacity to create and destroy .so,use this Mankind for creation and explore your happiness to sustain and survive .




  1. Imperfection and Perfection, mistakes and failures, our generation was taught like that failure is a sin, it’s not a sin it’s and experience each time we fall we are going to get up. People wants us to walk as soon as we born and we can do nothing about it. Life is Reality, and reality is lot different than theory, it’s so real, that’s why it’s called reality. Get used to it, make mistakes and keep learning, with right path one day all will win!

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