Lets get the glow in Growing old on the Go…”

“Find yourself , love yourself ,accept yourself and be yourself ..Just BE YOU”

Truly to attain the Goal, none can escape the need of Innumerable Experiences of Every Kind and Every instant.Keep it as your belonging and treasure it for life .Though it is good or bad .start  learning from it and  feed your mind with wealthy thoughts to Grow and Glow.


4 thoughts on “GROW AND GLOW

  1. The older I get, the less likely I am to simply smile and take whatever is being spewed at me. 🙂 I have been known to walk away from a conversation with someone who is boring me to tears, and walk out of a doctor’s office after telling him I will never be back again.

    Strange thing is, being older means you can disappear in a crowd and enjoy walking down a street without people trying to strike up conversations. It is quite freeing.

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    1. I can understand you.After ages we come with some experiences to face anything with some boldness.
      Even at myself ,I used to be a chatterbox and funny all the time and constantly worry about the other people opinions.who tried and pushed hard myself in making them understand ,at some point I realized what really matters and moved on..

      You are really a strong woman..have a great Sunday 😎

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