Have you ever heard about this law of attraction?

Ha Ha… Don’t think about your personal chemistry here …it’s not cupid’s love theory.

This theory is like Zoroastrians life, those who attract a happy life through thinking all about positive thoughts and doing good things

There are three key laws of Attraction: like Attracts like Nature, Abhors or a Vacuum.

It’s just the energy or aura of the cosmic source, like attracts the like and unlike attracts unlike things .Basic formula is your mind plus your emotion which form the energy that attracts the greater things and bring into your life, mental health is most import skill of survival art which can bring out anything possible in this world .

A small incident from an epic tale (Mahabharata), I use here for illustrating this law of attraction in a precise way :

The King asked his children to visit his country to check the details and status of the people and report him what they had seen on that particular day. The brothers were started their journey to visit the land and the people of the dynasty and noted everything and came back to the palace for reporting.

Now it’s the reporting Time:

King started his question by pointing towards one of brothers what you saw and learnt from your visit?

Dhuriyodathana started narrating all the bad things like how worst people and their mad behaviours, illegal things happening over the markets and negative things of his visual treats to the king .

Now , the other one was asked what you saw ?

Arjuna started narrating all the good things like how good people and their kindness and love for king , well and beautifully formed structures of nature , prosperity of the ruling and wonders of the dynasty to the king from his visual treats .

Now king  is giving his judgment as below :

what you are , you will attract the same from the universe. If you are good and positive and your emotions and feelings are good then you will attract positive aura of this cosmic and it will build healthy relationship .if your energy is having bad vibes and your emotions are ego , jealousy ,greed, selfishness , etc then this will destroy your surroundings and at last it will destroy you too. What your inner being , you perceive the same and you spread the same .

Now we come to our point ,

what concise you’re and how much you are conscious about your mind, the same consciousness you can see everywhere which can reflect in this universe that’s the law of attraction.

Many people worried a lot in getting connection with the right people but they don’t know how to get connected with them and ended up getting depressed and getting mentally ill.

“CONTENT IS YOUR CONNECTION “—if you have a right content in you, you will get connect with right people .content is a bridge to connection. By creating content you have a reason to connect with people who share your interests and people are the gateway to career and life fulfilment, it helps to start a discussion through exchange of words which leads to a connection .Absolutely people want to be associated with value and that comes with ingenuity to create a brand and content they relate to, whether it is business, sports, entertainment, health, education, etc .it is improve to develop your unique content. Our perception of this world depends on what we learn and who we interact with .So, connect with people more often and in meaningful ways to explore the world through their experiences. It’s all about adding value for our Worth is determined by how much more we have given to the world than we have taken from it .Content allows us to touch the lives of others , inspire them to a better future and to learn to trust in their innate wisdom and strength.

If you are having right content and you are equipping yourself as a valuable person all the good things will get attract towards you and bring greater things into your happy life .every frequency have its own vibration and results .you have to identify what is your frequency and matches with that frequency for a growth .

your belief shapes your thoughts and your thoughts shapes your words and your words shapes your action and your action shapes your reality .so everything begins with belief and you can start see the transformation of dreams into reality by your words and thoughts which are so powerful and they attracts the things from the universe and its supports your growth .So Be Aware of your beliefs.


Use your words for goodness and to bring out the better things instead of hurting anybody or downgrading anybody, do smaller actions that can actually improve even a very smaller part in someone life .Always use positive affirmation. Express Gratitude and appreciate everything .Be Open Up for challenges and learn from those things .Hang with High Vibrational people where you can get their energy .Try to be healthy because it will effect in a Good mood .Do some Meditations to Clear up your Chaos. Be Kind to others and Spread the love into the Universe





15 thoughts on “LAW OF ATTRACTION

  1. Well said ✍️ it’s a large topic to discuss, but let’s end this in short with a bhudha saying “Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think. Suffering follows an evil thought as the wheels of a cart follow the oxen that draws it.
    Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think. Joy follows a pure thought like a shadow that never leaves.” Thanks for the wonderful thought provoking post! Hope your Sunday was awesome!✨ Have a wonderful week ahead! And wish you EID Mubarak to you and your Friends!💐

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for liking it .yeah what you said is’s a huge topic ,we start discuss it have interlinks of many things.. so I cut short as much as possible what comes on my mind and given in my style..😉.wish you and your friends eid mubarak…🤗

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  2. I don’t know whether law of attraction exists or not.Everyone must experience it by its own.Every matter present in this universe has its own frequency No one knows what frequency is required to attract any particle! People are living in some spiritual concepts given by yogi’s and sadguru’s of india and the mystics from other part of the world.If something like law of attraction exist then why people are not doing it when there is a concept lies in it one can achieve anything by his/her constant efforts of manifesting an idea.May be it exist may be it is not but it is sure it’s effects are never gonna be same for everyone.

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    1. It wont be same for everyone..every particle have it’s own frequency..they attract according to their equivalent vibration.. human is spec of dust in this mass universe…this cosmo have some energy will give its effect according to each and every one’s thoughts and action .no one is same so effect will also not be same .if you give good you will get back the good that’s it..


  3. Beautifully written. Law of attraction is simple as, what we think is what we speak and our words create energies and attract all that they resonate with… stay positive and attract good vibes

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