A Stranger or An Angel



In response to Weekend Writing Prompt #158 : found here

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His Memories are wandering while he crosses this red painted bridge,

Admiring beauty of nature brings back her thoughts like a flash,

Now he started to recollect the incidents,

It’s was a Dark night with a Stranger in the Jungle,

He saw her like an Angel,

She was carefully moving her soft legs over the muddy grass fields caused by the recent downpour

She came near him with a big smile and sit beside him near the lilly pond

The next morning, she disappeared without saying a Goodbye.


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13 thoughts on “A Stranger or An Angel

  1. Without a leaving goodbye 🤔 instead “without saying goodbye” is good , just suggesting, correct it if you like. A fantastic short tale.. I liked it.✨✍️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How to link the prompt post..will you guide me..I tried linking but i dont why the same is not getting linked(pls check the tags in my post ,i tried linking site id)


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