Flow phase

why there should be only two phase of life ? Mostly  it is successful or unsuccessful ? why it can’t be on the flow ?

There was a picture of sarcasm, which  shows someone saying his name is Elon and he is in the left path and he is alone in that path but in the right arrow it shows a group of people and that big  pool belongs to successful car brands .Elon made tesla modelled electric cars that time everyone in industry was laughed at him and not ready to accept his model. Now, this electric cars is ruling the world at another side and his net worth increased a lot in market.

This picture shows there is no defined set of rules to follow in life to become success.you can be unique in your way and you can succeed later on with your efforts and it doesn’t need to be the same

But I was thinking something different after seeing this picture .

what are the rules ?

one must follow the predefined success group (right path )? or

one must be in left path to identify themselves in the journey of life and proof oneself to this world to be successful (left path ) ? or

one can be in flow of the life just enjoying the journey without much bothering about the result is either success or unsuccess?

what is success ? is it a destiny? is it a pride or crown ? it is a thing which we can buy with money or results ?

Nope..certainly  not ! it is a journey ! it is not going to end with onething .

you don’t need to be a successful all the time and all the successful persons are not successful all the time. Setbacks and resilience are much needed in life to enjoy the journey of life.

Mind filters will start to overgeneralise the situations and  end up with a negative feeling .so failures are much needed to learn for your growth .mistake and failures are different .mistakes can be rectified and failure is different from mistake and it helps in learning the strategy and techniques

we can’t run a bicycle on the first attempt and  by learning only we can able to ride it and riding a bicycle doesn’t mean you are success .you are just learning to ride the bicycle by your attempts in order to travel for a distance .May be someone doesn’t  need that bicycle at that time ,it doesn’t mean he is less than you .Everyone is moving with their own time  phase.

If you think you are success , someone before may guiding you and someone behind you may following you. Every human have some purpose on this Earth . So let them be in their phase .let them enjoy their journey .They can be in lost path or identifying the path or middleware or nowhere , whatever their journey everything is under some process.

So , Pls Don’t tag anybody as ” Successful ” and ” Unsuccessful”. They can be in any part of the life’s  journey .They may be in the “FLOW PHASE”.

“Just you can be in a flow of life like a river  that settle down into ocean where the waves flows with the rhythm of wind and dancing trees of nature “




4 thoughts on “Flow phase

  1. We live in our own illusions created by us, Job, success, Wealth, fortune, designations. It’s funny how people take these illusions seriously. This is a motivational writeup ✨✍️ Looking forward for more my dear friend ✨🤗

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