A Dream-Unhealed


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On a Cold winter, i was trapped inside my wild Dreams

Where I can able to find a haunted house with a wooden door

To unravel the mystery behind the door ,

First ,we have to open the rustic hearten shaped lock which is already having a key in it .

Using those old keys, am just trying my luck with a consternation.

To my shock, there was a broken necklace on the ground

Along with the toy forgotten until is found  and the nail in the coffin with half burned dairy

Now I started to explore the darkest secrets of the wounded Spirit by opening the pages without any permissions

I took it all in for a few moments and it petrified me !…

Sudden feeling of touch behind my back on that strange place

Which left an absurd silence and got a spine chilling in me

That was a feel  like already died for years without a breath..

After hearing a Howl , I regained my senses and started reading again …

The opening words are as  beautiful as it is and  those lines speaks the unfulfilled wild dreams of a wounded spirit

The last page of lost souls speaks as below

” I am a lifeless person who was abandoned by my own parents even at my early stages of my life  and I grown myself from whole of nothing and struggled a lot to  made myself as a secured and successful person after ages ,though am trying my best with all my efforts and I was still longing for care and affection  at some corner of my heart and I feel lonely sometimes like  getting lost  somewhere .

I had a secret crush for someone from my neighbourhood ,without having enough courage to approach them with a fear of rejection due to caste ,sex, family,status,etc. ..

Then , I ended as one side lover admiring their beauty .So, secretly by capturing their sweetest and hardest moments locked inside me as memories

I stayed alone for many years due to the Constant rejection every where…

Being belongs to LGBT community , those harsh words nailed  inside me with deep wounds which made me fury to make a scar on their face using my nails and got arrested for  the crimes and they were trying to nail down the cause of my crime and  showed some mercy after some investigations and released me with a warning

people of the society  started to gossip about my secret on streets and used abusive languages and blamed me for no cause ..

Nobody cares..Everyone was busy on their life and Nobody consider me  or Had a thought about me ..

Even when i try to reach them, they were felt like getting disturbed and avoided me …

The fear of ending up as a lone person haunted me like Dark scary dreams every night

There is some kind of silence  and also some sounds , Both are arousing alternatively inside my mind .

The Untold Pains are unhealed and left as deepest Scars  making me  feeling  as heavy as hard as heartbreak ..

I got  a feeling like suffocated and stifled with my overthinking thoughts

I was frustrated over people and then decide to end my life ….

And Finally …

This is my last message to the world ….!

“Be kind to anybody  and try to give your time when they are living  instead of attending the  funerals.

Being born as male or female or LGBT or  lesbians are not a self made choice ..they are decided by super natural..it is not a wrong or sin to punish anybody ..pls accept them as your brothers and sisters and accept them as they are ..they are also human being with a heart who longs for affection and care ..kindly don’t ignore or avoid them at any cost “

“I wrote here ……..just not to disturb anyone by wasting their time by finding crime or murder mystery

This is my suicidal note ….this is self note of suicide ..”

I felt sorry for this unattended soul who left the earth due to lack of listening ears

where do all the unfulfilled souls go ?

Do they take re-birth in the same souls that carried them decades ago ? as we used to say like that “7 rebirth mythology myths”

is it really exists? what if it exists ?

Does the sky absorbs them and display them to the world as constellations ?

Do they fall at feet of the circumstances that made them ‘unexpressed and beg to give them a second chance’ ?

Do they reside inside secret poem, forever encompassed in a maze of unheard words?

which made me to think  and  end up with a teardrop…!

Waked up with a wetness on my pillow.

Conclusion :

someone near you might be in some dark phase , if they come to you pls hear them ,

they  neither want your solution nor an advice it is right or wrong ..

they all just need your ears to listen up to their wounds as healing medicine .

they don’t want your money ..they just  need your attention and a small part of your time ..be kind to all the soul ..

Mental health is more important for a survival …

support your friends and family …                

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