Finding Home

Here’s a little piece  I’ve written for Esther’s post, here

Day 1:

She wakes up from the floor with some giddiness and started to think within herself as why she is stuck in such a scary and dark place .So, she decided to get out from that place quickly as soon as possible .She didn’t know what had happened to her and how she came to this place and who had picked her and what is their motive and was shocked to see herself in the mirror with entirely as different person dressed up in different manner which is not her style. She searched for some evidence to find the proof of the place and to find a way to get out from the place .She finds some painting which reflects her own face in a suitcase that was kept over the top of the wardrobe.

With a gazing look, she wonders the technique of the paintings on which era it might have been drawn and what is the person‘s name who is mere reflection of her .Initially she is perplexed about everything and try to find more information from the closed walls.

The door opens now, a tall man along with an old grandma were entering the room. Grandma started to enquire her health condition with lots of love and care then she ordered the tall man to take care of me.

She started to wonder as who are they and why they are showering me this much of attention .what is the connection between myself and to the old lady?

Due to the recent accident , she got her head injury because of that she went unconscious falling to the floor again and didn’t wake up for next 16 hours .Following to that ,A doctor examined her deeply and given some medications based on her condition and left for the day .

Day 2:

She Wakes up again and started to re-collect the memories of her and about the recent events .yes , her name is Swathi .She was a tourist guide who loves to explore the adventures and travel around the world by maintain her own vlog. She was an adopted daughter to a middleclass parents who were died in the recent accident then she managed to live her life alone after coming out of those depressions and started to engage in some social activity .Often she was going to unconscious state after that accident and by one of those event, she got attached with this old lady who was the owner of the event organized. After too much of thinking, she again got tired and went to sleep.

Day 3:

By hugging Swathi ,Old lady explaining everything to her as how they had lost their great-granddaughter in a similar event and founded again , which is “YOU” .Finally, Swathi found her Family and went in joyful tears and Not at first and then she knew that the Painting is her grandmother and She felt safe and secure with them and lived happily thereafter.


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