An Accidental Love

Scene 1:

It was a winter season

Two persons were racing on the hill top with a high Speed and that was a bike race and those guys were doing the rash driving with high speed like a flash chasing one another. There was a small little stone in the middle of the road and there is no chance for those middle stone in the middle of the road, it seems like someone has kept this on purpose. Suddenly one guy got hit to the stones and that high speed made him to fly in air and hit the opposite vehicle which is coming on his path and out of control, this bike moved to certain distance and skid from the bridge falling into landscape and rolling deep down into forest and went unconscious for some time. People were trying to help but they can’t help the situation because the place where he fell down is nearly dangerous and there will not be any signals down and going down that place is merely risking the life which nobody can prefer but the same is informed to police and they were trying their hard luck to save these people and the people were started to blame the entire situation as common on young people’s  behaviour , which is  uncontrolled in the society.

“If your Behaviour is bad, it is not only affecting you, it will also affect your surroundings.”

Scene 2:

A Girl is on her trip to explore the beauty of mountains .She is a Wanderlust, who loves to travel and explore the nature on chilling winter because she love the winter and snowfall .She thinks that snowfall might eliminate the darkness of the night by its white sheets and she always prefer the lone trip and she prefer it as secret trip by going alone without informing anybody .she is on her jean with hooded t-shirt with gloves, jackets and boots. She loves listening to the music while driving which makes her go crazy and she is also not a normal soft girl because she is a wild type of girl who loves the adventure trips and the speed driving. By munching her favourite sandwich on her one hand and she is driving her car on the other hand.

Unexpectedly this accident happened…she was hit by a bike that comes on her path and lost her control in driving the vehicle which slip downfall and the car is broken in the middle of nowhere and she don’t know where she is right now and lost her path but she is safe due to air bags .So, she came out to check for any help in that dark scary place by taking tinny careful small steps with her backpack.

Scene 3:

  • She was bit nervous to notice the Caution on the yellow Board.

The Zone is on red Alert –Crocodiles are out of the ZOO now

Inside the Deep forest, she saw a scene of beauty which is covered by silver flakes of snow shinning bright like a stars. Her trip is fulfilled as a treat to her eyes with scenic beauty of nature at its peaceful mode. She enjoyed  watching for some hours. Suddenly a spine chilling moment thrills into her by remembering the sign of upcoming danger. So next , she wants to escape from the place, she stepped back a pace to avoid the noise from her heavy boots and carefully watched  her steps by watching the details of the surrounding  that should not disturb the alligator and invite the danger .While walking into the woods, within a kilometre she hears a voice of a man from a long hoping for a help. She marched towards the sound and reached him. 

Scene 4:

Unfortunately, she is in a situation to offer the help to him instead of asking from him because his life is in danger in that middle of the forest. She offer him the water and food from her backpack and treated him with her emergency kit. She started to explain the entire situation like how she stuck here with him then she got frustrated from his reply for admitting his mistake as he was the reason for that accident but knowing the reality she calms down after a while.

Then She arranged the fire camp and tent ready to rest for a while .Now, there is no signal to dial even for emergency numbers and battery is completely about to shut down. So they don’t have another choice except staying together in those dark forest saving each other until they find some help

Scene 5:

They started to know each other slowly and their conversation moved to next level like somewhat feeling closed together like this accident bring them to meet their better half as designed by destiny.

The Desire of lust and love entangled inside them under the mystic moonlight beam-light shining though column of the closed woods and she was pretty much impressed with his words and she is also secretly admiring this handsome hulk who is nothing less with chiselled jaw bone with an athletic body type having an adoring attitude. He also impressed by her charming smile and shiny eyes. Time flies as their conversation is going endless and got addicted to each other souls within a short span of time .Stopped by a sudden silence by meeting each other eyes.

She asked him with a wink …what you want now. “Coffee, tea or me “?

Within a moment, they kissed each other and it was a long lingering kiss and spend their night with love to live on with a hope …


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