A stranger becomes a Stranger Again

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Her Dreams Scattered

Believing him as all her hope

Splendid, trapped by his words

Was her only mistake

But what he did was

Shattering her life apart

He chased her for chances

But as the number racks up

The cracks get deeper with a pain

Running into her veins

He cheated her for the choices

And tossed her so easily all of sudden

Without thinking and turning back

Making her to feel someone special to a stranger

But ,She tried to connect the fallen

And missing pieces once again

Back into place,despair

Its doesn’t work anymore

She has no other option

Then to forgo the relation

Peering into the depth of darkness

Fearfully Ascending her steps into wrong direction

Lost in thoughts,misled by deception

Wiping her descending tears of despair

With heaviness loaded,she breathe

And Exhaled deeply to let go

Off past guilts,without regrets

And learned to move on again

With a smile for a new start …..



11 thoughts on “A stranger becomes a Stranger Again

  1. Story writer, short poems, now large poems . Multi skilled you are, circumstances and time brings out lot of skills .. ✨Keep up Sanjuna.. you are doing amazing..✨✍️

    Liked by 1 person

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