Taste of life

Don’t be Happy !

Yeah, you heard me right ! Everybody used to say”try be happy always“.But I say ” don’t be happy”.

Pls, Don’t be happy .

You may think why am starting this with negative affirmation

I have two reasons..

One reason —you don’t know what is happiness and how it will taste and how it will look and how it will smell ?

It is not define by any certain rules like “this is happy” or “that is happy”..no right ?

Even saints can’t be happy all the time . They can only be calm at all situation .Being calm at all situation doesn’t mean that you are happy all the time .

One cannot be happy at all situations right ? if he is .Then ,he might be out of his mind .

Second reason : our human mind wont obey the rules and laws , it first try to act opposite to the exact nature .when I say “be happy “ then you will definitely deny it or ignore it .If I say “don’t be happy” , you will watch me as mad person and you will force yourself in situation to be happy and to prove me that am wrong. It was fun to prove that others are wrong  and  we are right .

We always try to do it to satisfy our ego. So,am trying to make yourself happy here at another point .

But what exactly this Taste of life refers for ?

Let come to the first reason again , the term –DONT BE HAPPY – why I  refer this term here ?

Let me give you few examples :

If you watch happiness in things then  happiness is not things ..it doesn’t have a life or value .if money makes you happy then it is called pleasure of possessions that making you feel comfort at its own which doesn’t exist longer .

If you take happiness in feelings and emotions , then what if that feelings change ?  what if that emotions broke ?

Someone can be happy for being in good job .Someone can be happy by enjoying the suffering of others like psycho. Someone can be happy by stealing things .Someone can feel happy in helping others. Someone can be happy in feeding animals .Someone can feel happy for having good food .

So, all the above are referred as happiness in their own terms .So as of now there is no right definition for happiness. It is just as magic of some hormones in your brain .

When you see happiness in peoples smile, how long you can make others happy ? how long you can enjoy that happiness ?

when you search your happiness in others as  dependent , you will become slave of the person  that’s what we called strings of attachments but I didn’t say you to be free flow from attachments .They are mere responsibilities of your born perspectives , you have to make your surroundings happy then only you can feel the essence of happiness because they are the duties of attachments but your happiness should not be depend on them , if you keep your happiness on one person or thing then if it is lost , you also be lost with them or with it .

So do you know what is real happiness and how you should achieve it and how it will be ?

For this question , nobody can give you a common answer .Everyone will have to think within themselves to find what will costs for their happiness

Ok again come to our point , why you cant be happy all the time ? when you try to be happy all the time then you will end up in failure with frustrated feeling of life that can make you quit sometimes .So, don’t try or act to be happy all the time .

Just accept the situation with calmness in your mind and go through it and flow through it .

Everyone has this phase at some point of life .Everyone feels the same .No matter with how many positive intentions , these words are backed up with it, it doesn’t really make you feel better. Just because everyone faces what you feel right now , it doesn’t make you less of a victim. Because everyone is in the same situation , it doesn’t make you feel less impacted by it .Everybody goes through the same lane of rocks and rainbows because you are of the same kind. But you are also, one of a kind .The things that don’t affect others, could affect you to extremes, that may be the reason of losing  your peace of mind yet an unnoticing happening for others. That’s why , it’s totally okay to feel the excruciating pain in your soul, to feel your bones cracking inside the thin layer of your sensitivity.

It’s okay to feel what others feel. But  it isn’t really helpful to alleviate it only because you are not the sole sufferer.

Take your own Time but time will not heal anything by its own.

You have to work on yourself.

If you are busy in forgetting things it will come back to you at your lone time as pendulum .So forgive and let go of things and heal on your own pace , heal on your own will.

Happy suffering ! Happy Healing !

Think the situation :

what if you eat the sweets for a month continuously ,it will make you sick  right ? similarly , happiness should be once in while like sweets is ok .If you try to be happy all the time you will end up as sick person .you have to taste the bitter and sourness of life that only makes you healthy and stronger  like immune boosters .It will also help in learning the rules to eliminate the toxic things and gives endurance to fight with any bad events helps in healing to a powerful comeback.so don’t try to be happy all the time .

Accept the situation and accept the pain, jus endure it .Feel all the Tastes of life .

Saying is easy but following is difficult but pls endure it once .when you start to enjoy the pain whatever life throws on you , you have to enjoy it instead of worrying then only you will become more stronger and you can defiantly feel the difference.

It May take a week or years but there will be some point, you can come out of it but don’t dwell or dig or stay there . Keep on running. Move forward every time with one single step .For each step you might have crossed some levels. Suffering is very personnel which nobody can share it but Once you are completely healed from all your suffering .Then nobody can defeat you .you are on your march ..

when the clouds shower rain on you , you don’t run to find shelter, you learn to dance in it .Similarly, when the sun draws it’s rays on you, you enjoy the light, not dwell on the shadows.

Everything in life is really a choice you make .Do Make your choice wisely …

Have a nice day and be ready to Taste the life ….!






10 thoughts on “Taste of life

  1. Great post! It reminds me of the Buddhist concept of “The suffering of change”: every time we acquire something that we think will make us happy, the new thing brings new suffering. Thanks for posting!

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  2. Interesting advice to suffer and be happy, good one. The quotes are really good in the middle ✨👍 these concept may not be accepted by few, because for them being happy is the only target, when things don’t fall in place they start to blame. No matter how many feel that way, you have said it and don’t even bother about it. It’s a different POV. ✨ Well done ✍️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just had a thought..so we cant be happy all time la ..we try to be happy but what is reality we should accept it else we get frustrated over life..pain is also a pleasure to enjoy but we have to overcome anyhow at any point and we have to push hard ourself from our back and move on with some hope by tasting all the tastes of life’s possibilities .have a nice day

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