Wardrobe Wish list

Classic collection

It’s was her long dream wish-list to fill her wardrobe with Black and white shirts .She searched it for so many places but she can’t able to find the exact piece of cloth that she wishes it to abe in certain fabric .

His friend suggested her to look for some online shopping to check for various varieties of popular brands but nothings satisfied her since she is very keen on some particular fabric

There was a fabric fest happened nearby her countryside. So ,She decide to have a visit.Fortunately, She found her high-quality fabric of her dream shirt on that day.


17 thoughts on “Wardrobe Wish list

  1. Whenever I intentionally go in search of a specific type of clothing, invariably I can never find it, lol. Always, its when I’m not looking that I stumble upon a shirt or coat or pants that “speak” to me 😀
    Having said that, like your character, persistence can have its rewards!
    Glad you joined in with a Six Sentence Story. I hope you will go link your story at


    then everyone will have opportunity to read your Six!

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    1. Lol..it happens for everyone. What we search for,except that we will end up with something else in terms of shopping.😉.
      And regarding the link addition, Surely I do..I have to add my link in inlinkz right ?..because I already done pingback..

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  2. Half the time my approach to clothes shopping is, “I’ll know it when I see it.” HaHa

    Glad you linked up to the Six Sentence Stories.

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  3. Simple but sweet story. As someone who love to sew my own (my family’s) clothes. I can really relate for hunting the right fabric, reading that ending however sounds ominous… or is it just me?

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