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Oh My Dear!

Every part of my world is filled by you

And your fragrance , like a rose.

They are never less in their fragrance, though fresh or dry.

You always Stood by me as like as their Smell.

As like As gentle Rose bud ,you cares me with an Attitude

That never hurts as like a thorn in the rose.


I Know that You are a Fan of an Exotic perfume.

But you never know that you are my Perfume !

Oh My Dear ! Just Enchanted

By your scents , from your Smoke to Sweat

And Inhaled a potion bewildered by your words

Without knowing as it is Elixir or Toxic, mesmerised

With a Magical feeling of bottled memories.


Oh My Dear ! You became my addiction now.

Without Your Scents , I feel sniffled and suffocated

Memories haunted  in search of your warmth

 That left me with sleepless nights.


Oh My Dear! Feeling breathless !

When you tries to hide away from sight.

Stop being playful to gather attention.

Show yourself in this bright light.

And Let me breathe in…

From your fragrance.




written for prompt :Photo Challenge #323

13 thoughts on “Fragrance

  1. Nice poetry Sanjuna. Where do you keep all these hidden skills, if I were a bacteria I would first affect your head to reveal more talent of yours 😜. Nice work ✨✍️

    Liked by 2 people

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