why Friends are essential for life ?why this so called special relationship is given more priority out of all?

We are in the month of August  were this friendship day is getting celebrated largely across the country . Have you ever had a thought like why people are so excited to meet their friends ?

without having any blood relation and  not belonging  to a family members , they are so attached to us .on a first thought , we wish to share everything with them only .

We used to enjoy their company and spend our major part of life with them .They used to listen to us every single time seamlessly, whenever we want at any cost. They had their time and hand to support us whenever we are worn out.Some will help us to uplift and shine .some will guide us to the right path. Some will teach us the great principles of life.

A person may be good or bad , he is doing  right or wrong but he must be surely having atleast a single friend in their lifetime .Nobody can be left out alone without having a partner that person may be your friend too.they must have been rejoiced with you in your happy days and they must be saved you by helping out in your odd times .Though you are an angle or devil , though you are an innocent or Felon, Though you are an introvert or extrovert,they must be surely having a friend across their stages of life.Where those friend participated as their partner in their each of their steps.

They will be coming under various types like Bucket Filling Friends(BFF) -who will fulfil your dreams and wish list by participating in your keen interests like adventures and exploring new things .Some will be coming across all the stages of your lifetime like your shadow and they will be called as BEST FRIENDS FOREVER (BFF).Some will be like small chapters in a book to cherish some sweet memories .Some will be trespassers like participating for only few memorable events.

Their presence in our life may be for few moments or lifetime but their memories might be given some impact in our life.

Friends always Friends despite of  their diversity and they play a vital role in everybody’s life .

This post is a dedication for all the friends across the globe and for whomever missing their friends in this lockdown period and for whomever dying to meet their friends and for whomever respect the feeling of friendship and their friends .



9 thoughts on “Friends

  1. It doesnot matter that u make 1 day out of 363 days in a year a friendship day.but it matters how u r helping your friend in 363 days


  2. A good message, for friendship day ✨✍️ Well said about friends, yes we all have such categories of friends in our life, no matter what, we all have or had friends and will have friends. There is always someone 😇 Nicely said…. Have a great day ✨

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