Relationship, Resilience, Reflection -Three R’s


‘ No significant learning can occur with out a significant relationship ‘- James Comer


‘ I am not what happened to me , I am what I choose to become ‘- Carl Jung

Reflection :

‘ Follow effective action with quite reflection. From the quite reflection will come even more effective action ‘- Peter Drucker

These three quotes are placed at the right corner of the wall along with some graffiti, also a paper placed on the table with these word -” Relationship that create love and trust , provide role models and offer encouragement and reassurance, help bolster a person’s resilience”. perhaps that’s why when we are in trouble, we naturally look to our social networks for help- whether they offer emotional support or simply a helping hand. the quality of your relationship with other people influences how emotionally resilient you can be in the face of an emotional or physical crisis. In general , the more quality social support you can draw upon from family and friend , the more flexible and resilient you can be in stressful situation, having good social relationships is clearly a winning strategy in life, tied to greater psychological and physical well-being. Thus, it’s not surprising that social relationships also matter when it comes to resiliency, in part because they help us feel less stress when we are suffering.”.

The couple are waiting at the therapist place since they already got their appointments. The therapist came and welcomed them inside now . Asked them what they need for refreshment and offered a two coffee along with some snacks , while munching San slowly started to explain about their visit purpose. with the therapist, the therapist slowly listen to them individually for some hours like it almost 4 hours as their first session , Therapist listen each others pain and their stories separately by making them to sit in different rooms and heard their story without any judgmental, asked them to come back again for further more sessions.

The couple drive back to their home , while driving San played the Bohemian Rhapsody album , this music give some more energy to the couple and they were smiling each other by giving a eye to eye connection after a long time , by bringing back their sweet romance for some moments, then they landed in some roadside dhaba and had some special tummy filling yummies as the list goes here , achari panner tikka, some punjabi special masala, , laccha paratha, special rotis,thali with dal makhni , thandoori chicken, ended with special rabdi lassi. after that they has some gulfis togetherly enjoyed and came back to their home with some happiness.

Though the things started well again with some positive good signs, expect the unexpected …..

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