Sweet Heart Surprises

letting go things easily is not possible as everybody used to say , it sting our heart , leaving things behind is not easy task, sometimes it feels like taking up all the air in the room but still feel suffocating and difficulty in breathing when those hard hitting memories that crosses our mind every time.sometimes she feel as there is no space safe enough for her to lay her head in, impossible to stop those tears flowing from her eyes and stopping the mind from overthinking. she feel exhausted some time , sometime too much energy to stay all night , two kind of extremist . even though time hit hard on her , she tried her best to learn from those difficult times and ready to heal , healing is a beautiful process , sometimes, its displeasing and uncomfortable too, sometimes the therapy will be heartbreaking and then hopeful and then heartbreaking again too, its a long process to break all those repeated circles and get clear from all those mental trauma. sometimes it takes a lot of time to get used to it and feel okay . the memories that she gone through were long buried resurface from time to time and every progress she had to made her collarless with a single phrase or single action. sometimes her memories will remind her how badly she got treated but she ready to accept things and be kind for the next second for the people she loved most, for them she is ready to forget the things even though it caused her so much of pain , she ready to smile for him. sometimes she cry in small alleys, and parks, and while cooking also, to let herself feel everything that made her to run away from , but she still stand for those loved ones with a smiling face to make them happy. she faced everything , really faced everything agonizing so that she don’t let it overpower her later.

Mindful meditation and healing is a magical power , it is not a linear process, it will take time , sometimes terrible feeling , then will have to go through lot of mental pain and it will set the heart free later. it may be months or years , not going to happen all of sudden like some genie showering on us with some angelic powers, but every single day will bring you closer to the person you want to be and that’s why your efforts will never be wasted

Bhuvan also facing some pain in a way that he can’t able to understand properly in a right way in relationship with San , his expectation was so high like that he wanted her to treat him the first one out of all people but that is not wrong but without giving that much space and love and kind of safe feeling , expecting from one side made him to feel wrong from her side is not right. he ask so much from her but he is not ready to do the half from his expectation towards her , he has so much of things in mind when comes for trust and believe. setting the bar so high for those expectations knowing we will only reap disappointments in the process and in his own doings, which is eventually going to get hurt again him only. he must have the nerve to ask for an honest love only when was reluctant to give to his love, its not like taking from one person and leaving them starving and longing for the love that was never there in the first place.

Both have lot of things on each others mind , only a open healthy conversation helps, the therapy is also going for sessions as side by side along with their regular routine, hope things will go well with the believe in god and the karma will do the rest.

After this FT sessions, each session of therapy is making them to feel better day by day, healing is on the way and interactions between them is far much better than the before period of those worst days.

Today San is trying some new healthy brownies made up with dark chocolates , beetroot and honey with almond flour with healthy indulgences by cutting out all maida and other unhealthy ingredients as a special 50th recipe made for her husband bday celebration for tonight, yes tomorrow the day is special for Bhuvan , its his b’day !. so, many surprises are waiting for him to get awestruck by midnight 12:00 PM from his sweetheart as special surprises.

She made him his special Gulab jamun filled inside with assorted nuts , cheese strawberry cake along with these healthy brownies and his favorite chicken starters also on the list . these also got uploaded as a special 50th video in her channel.

She booked some special trip to Turkey with travel partner – gtholidays.in , one she always fascinated to visit this fairy land about the Istanbul city in those Turkish serials , so she decide to gift this trip to him and she wanted to spent some more beautiful moments with her love on this day!.

She made all these arrangements for him and waiting for his arrival from office and hided all these things from his eyes and also she made a special terrace arrangements for those midnight surprises !

as usual , he came and got refreshed and had his dinner and then just had some small quick conversation with sam while scrolling his phone and narrated what happened in his office with San after a long time they spent time with each other with meaningful conversation and both went to sleep.

San was waiting for the clock to strike twelve , She slowly made Bhuvan to awake from his sleep and asked him to hold her hand by closing his eyes with a cloth and then she taken him to the terrace, switch on those remotes to lighten up those lights to see the magical romantic setup in those dark nights under star sky cover in open terrace with a breeze touching them feel calm inside them feeling chilled with background soothing relaxing music , then she untied the eye band from his eyes to watch this beautiful setup and next balloon burst out and poured beautifully smelling flowers on him which were tied above his head, then she taken him to the table that had all these tummy filling yummies on the show and lighten the candle , he blow up and cut a piece from the cheese cake and exchange their love byte together and she said some beautiful things with him which made him happy and he tasted all items which was prepared for him and then she handed this trip ticket with him . he was really happy now !

The night spent well with beautiful bond of love as soothing as those breezy night …

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