Unique vow of togetherness

After reaching India, there is some slight changes in Bhuvan’s behavior towards San , you can ask a trip can change things ? no being together alone for sometime helps to regain some bonding between the couples that was the magic of pure love. The time they spent in turkey made them to recall all their beautiful memories which they spent together from the day , when they had exchanged their vows of togetherness. it was very unique and they circle around seven times over a fire flame called omagundam during their “tie the thali” moment , long seven rounds circling the fire by saying their vows with each other to stay loyal and together till their last breathe along with their other curated wishes holding each others hand. Their friends also circled mocking each other by smiling and making fun of each other round and round along with this couple. All these memories brought some good changes in Bhuvan and he started to treat San nicely for all her patience and love towards him.

unhappy things exist sometimes when there is some superiority feeling comes in one mind and the way when they try to take control of other life and things will suttle down when they try to treat each other with some equal relationship. even though there is an invisible weight of damage , the good memories don’t sink as deep as the bad ones. Bhuvan sometimes feel lost and feel regret for the things which he acted in the past but that doesn’t mean he has changed completely and he changed only a little bit from the past worst scenarios , sometimes the chance of beast to come out at anytime when he gone mad.

San feels inside her like “In the end , stories are about one person saying to another . this is the way it feels to me. Can you understand what I’m saying ? does it feels this way to you ” this is all she expected from Bhuvan. All she need is only his smile but everyone is looking for someone to complete them , believing that there is something missing in them , searching for anything that would make them feel whole , but is that even possible ? real people have flaws , real people have secrets, they have baggage, no one is perfect , neither are you, so maybe the next time you go around looking for the perfect person , we have to ask our-self: what’s perfect ? and when we can’t come up with an answer, maybe we will realize it wasn’t about perfection after all, but about finding someone who makes you smile even when everything around you is falling apart and once we find such person , we have to hold tightly , don’t let that person go away.

loving someone is not easy and it has never been. saying things that hurt each other , even if they really don’t mean it , and they cause each other pain , even when they don’t want to, so we have to think twice before it comes out of our mouth. Some words repeats in their mind continuously , it may destroy the person ! giving up is easy but holding on and talking things clearly instead of keeping things inside with us is better choice. Good open conversation comes only when there is good space and trust in each other to let things out with some confidence. San is expecting this kind of freedom of expression towards him , she want to let things out what bothers her , she wanted his trust and want him to build such kind of trust in her too, things will work in this way only.

Their regular routine returned normally as she continue with her work , as well as taking care of the home and her videos in new channel everything going well. San is an IT professional and she do some other hustles also by using her other skills and now she has enrolled in some art classes to divert her mind and get some peacefulness as her new hobby . Bhuvan also got busy with his current climate change and pollution control project in automobile emissions. Their Psychology sessions for CBT as well as FT routines also on the list and it is also going weekly once to improve their relationship with each other and they are coming to normal stage out of this unusual things and unhappy periods . Things got much better and the love became much more stronger now. They spent quality time with each other despite of their hectic busy schedules.

San also done some interior decor for the house which improved some mood by the things which she recently shopped and made some pleasant environments for their mood uplifts , San overall took care of everything from her part and Bhuvan also changed a lot recent times and everything going quite well now ,he also taking good care of her as a good husband and he is taking responsibility of her parents also , he started behaving nicely with her parents by visiting them often and spending quality time with them and making them happy also been part of their routine and they way he changed and showing affection towards her parents made her to adjust the things from his parents also, so she quite adapted for unexpected worst things and few hiccups that still giving hurdles in their life because life is not bed of roses, to smell the beauty of rose one has to hit with the thorn. The same way , to have his love, she has to endure the unpleasant behavior from his family members , she taken care those things with some patience. Bhuvan rarely show this good attitude towards her parents not all the time even though they treat him as their son since he still got influenced by people who giving him wrong advice to hold some pride in himself he behaves odd and make people embarrassed too. The attitude and emotions got mixed up quite often under certain circumstances but going in better way with some strength of their love coz of their bonding and trust in each other !

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