vulnerable to his love

Being vulnerable in a relationship means allowing your partner to know you fully: your thoughts, feelings, challenges, weaknesses. It can be scary to show those sides to our partners out of fear of being judged.”Vulnerability is an opportunity to grow as a person and a way to find deep satisfaction in your relationships.Emotional vulnerability is most often felt as anxiety about being rejected, shamed, or judged as inadequate. embracing vulnerability with a romantic partner is not a done-and-dusted task. “Being vulnerable in a relationship is letting your guard down to connect in a raw and open manner”, “Many people may consciously or unconsciously believe they are protecting themselves by being closed off or not addressing complex emotional issues.” But this can create tension between partners, especially if they feel unloved or a lack of emotional connection within a relationship.

Today session in therapy is about this vulnerability. When comes about this topic , San is vulnerable to his love , she will be open and completely out of her comfort zone, she likes to do anything for him at any cost , all she wanted him to have trust in her and to give such space, even is she wants to convey every feeling with him , he must have to build that trust in her and make her to express, it should not be under any fear factor what he must thing , what it may go wrong , she was obsessed for his love and she dare to do anything for him only at the cost that she is getting valued and respected , when he treats her the queen , he will be defiantly her king . The expectation of this equal relationship holds her stop from expressing things when she is trying to give more from her end when she is receiving less.

San has a tendency to forgive things when she really care for the people instead of the things that hurts her since she believe life is very short to see people smiles instead of holding anger but that should be a gateway for the people to use her vulnerability and get played with her feelings, so she have certain boundaries and standards , if one goes beyond the limit she stay away from such people. If vulnerability is too much then it will be dangerous as well as needed in some quantity for survival.

Bhuvan is behaving odd sometimes due to his mood swings, he makes San warm sometimes saying things nicely with her and behaving cold sometimes again when he was triggered , sometimes disrespects her using foul language this is again hurting her but when he comes back again to her speaking normally without even apologizing she is accepting his ill behavior just because she is vulnerable to his love , she was obsessed , she feels attached and addicted to his love madly and crazily , so she can’t able to survive without his love , it became her breathe which is inevitable for her. she got adapted to his mentality but this is harmful to her, in long term accepting someone to disrespect her but she cant able to avoid this person also because she loves him truly and it is real pure love towards him. She is getting confused sometimes how to take up things in right way , also she don’t know what to do and how to react few times, life really a roller coaster for her but its not fun ride , its a thrill ride , like she can expect anything at any point of time , one incident can change anything but taking good incident or bad incident is matters most but always taking good incidents but ignoring the red flags also dangerous, things got mixed up but our mind should be clear to take proper decision , if your mind muddles up even right things goes wrong , one must be confident in their decision , if they are having dilemma,things will become stagnant , you can take even one step, constant thinking will again weaken your mind making it difficult to take a right decision like left or right which way we should to take, one has to take a path without thinking the consequences then only they can live in the life, but continues tantrums made her to get stuck between things to choose which path she should choose sometimes. For San , it hurts like hell when sometimes he makes her feel so special then suddenly leaves her hanging and she have to act like she don’t care at all., how many times she would have forgiven him just because she don’t want to lose him but the same way he also wanted to think and act in that way right but that’s not the case .life is not easy as we see in movies , it just a horror ride we have to go through alone and handle things, when you given more of yourself people will use your innocence and play with your feelings.

Even though the couple may be undergoing all these therapy sessions but things will not resolve all of sudden , it may take longer time and also it only help people to face the situation and handle things in right way when they got this brain fog situation but it will never change people basic nature or characteristics or it wont resolve things , it just a key to choose the right door but the travel must gone through alone and endure all the hurdles over their ride. the journey is long , we must know where to stop , where to begin , where to move on , if someone stuck in wrong place , things will go wrong. every life has some purpose we should act accordingly .Like every physical pain every mental pain also need to be addressed at right time , nobody should ignore the trigger warnings.

people may think past days in before BC all these mental pain is not there and they have not gone all these traumas , the reason is civilization and culture development , now everybody is literate , they know everything and they have wider knowledge , wider feelings , so they cant accept the things what happened to them , because previous days basic necessity is life but apart from necessity people are experiencing so much of things in their life , every opportunity at every place someone is proving something new from the ordinary, so accepting things that goes out of control is not easy now a days. when people become more aware , all these mental traumas comes inside , each individual mentality decided things, one can be happy in dirty pool without being bathed for days , one can be sad even being perfect and punctual in life , one can go carefree , one can take up all emotions inside them , one can be straight forward and one can think about other feelings , each person is unique here , each mentality is unique , expecting things from one perspective and asking the other to adapt the same way troubles here .people can’t tolerate things when it is forced to them in controlling or authoritative manner. one feels superior over the other in terms of money , beauty , etc …if you have 1000 rupees and you look down on 100rs person , a 10,000 rupees person will look down you one is always superior to another here , God is the ultimate one . He created everyone , every life have their own karma, people should treat as soul but not on gender basis , outer appearances or the way they holding the life in luxurious way . The jealousy , superiority attitude , things they should decide in someones life makes people to get involved in these traumas ..

let us come to our San life , she also one among the victim got played by someone in her life in name of love and family ….

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