Xmas cake and celebrations

San was scrolling her gallery and she got to view one video related with Xmas celebration happened last year. It was beautiful memories! Bhuvan loves Christmas time and he is fond of those rich plum cake made with rich bytes of nuts soaked in rum , those pastries and Santa gifts and wine in those winter is a feast. Bhuvan is a winter person , he loves to roam in cold breezy winter more than in sunshine summers. On watching that video she got to remember every good incident happened last year as flash before her eyes and tears are rolling down her chin making her skin to get wet thinking about all those good moments and missing such sweet things at the present time .

Last year , Bhuvan made many surprises by coming in Santa dress and arranged some special people for a flash mob and they given some gifts, flowers and chocolates to San by singing and rounding her and small children also joined in that event by circling her by holding balloons in their hand, it was lot of fun and she enjoyed a lot , she never met Santa in her life time and she never received any gift so far from her childhood, so Bhuvan thought of giving one for her and he planned something by changing himself into Santa and done all the celebrations by making the best Christmas celebration for her, he also enjoyed everything on that day since Christmas is very special for him from his childhood. He had been taken her to an open space of grand Christmas event which is free entry but we have to buy things to taste and pay for the things to play , so the couple bought some nice pastries , ginger bread, cakes, chocolates , rolls, fries and ice-creams for that night and played some jolly ride and thrown some rings on one small decorative piece and won it, followed by a play is performed by clown in that open space and they enjoyed watching that also and danced among those group and got some happy moments that was feeling filled inside their heart and it was so romantic at that night when they hold hand each other in that open space under starry dark night along the woods of the tree with chilliness and lighting around covered by busy people crowed to have fun altogether at some special eve as Christmas party. It was so beautiful when he take care of things and do something special for her and all those moments are missing now , so these again giving heaviness inside her , so why wait for Christmas , she thought to prepare some xmas cake for him , so she boiled some sugar syrup and added the rum and nuts to get mixed and soak for sometime and added wine into it for 5 hours and she prepared all other ingredients meanwhile and arranged those lightnings around the curtain walls and changed some sheets of sofa into bright colour that create some festive feel. She started to prepare the rich date plum cake and some special chicken briyani for him and she made him her own chocolates by melting the store brought white and dark chocolates into a mould by whirling around as a mix by keeping something stuff inside it as surprise like lucky charm chocolates , some filled with nuts, some with other stuffings like some small surprise to pick each time and she kept all mixed in bowl ! every time every chocolate will be surprise and different one in flavor ! she uploaded all these things in her channel under Christmas recipes.

She got ready beautifully and she is waiting for Bhuvan to come from his office to have all these things, Horn sound buzzing at the gate shows the sign that he arrived , she run to the door and opened and welcomed him inside by taking his bag and let him inside the house , now watched every decor arrangements and got surprised with the setup and felt joy in him and the inner child came out on seeing those rich plum cake when she kept that in a plate before his table , he hurried and tasted that piece as it feels like someone in hungry with his eyes wide open filled with happiness by enjoying the richness of those nuts in every byte and then he tasted that surprise chocolates and dragged the box and kept closed with him saying that he is not going to share or give to anyone and he is going to keep all to himself and taste every chocolates by himself alone ! this moment made her feel happy that he loved her work really and given complimented after a long time. A small step can bring a change in person life even though the environment is in upset but who is going to take that step for whom matters most. Those step says who we are and what we have and hold inside us for that person , sometimes when we do it from one side it feels like exhilarating but it is really worth it , when it comes for the unconditional love that doesn’t expect in return except the person smile and that smile is too because of us is the most happiest moment , San is having an unconditional love for Bhuvan but time only help her to make him realize this thing into him because there is no certain device to measure the feeling how a person feel deep inside her even the words will not be enough , everyone can’t able to express everything how the feel inside, sometime they go dumb and deaf but they feel deep feeling inside them but outside it will be mute expression , we can able to see or feel it from our end , everything can’t be expressed and at the same time every feel is not been understood , even if we try our best to make the other person , they might not feel anything inside them or understand it properly , life is just a magic , everything is feel, it should be felt inside deep within when our conscious soul connected deep, words are just a methodology but if our language if different even that also doesn’t make any sense, what we feel inside us cant be the same feeling in other person , giving love is okay but begging for love is not okay !No connection is more powerful than two people bringing their individualities to the table with no intention of diluting each others essence , but instead , celebrating what makes each other unique.

Life is so crazy sometimes and it will be magic sometimes…all essence of life should be tasted ! every moment we come across is an experience and every experience will help us to grow strong and move on to continue our journey !

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