You and I

San want to get lost into a separate world that don’t have people to influence Bhuvan , because is she is confused what Bhuvan nature was exactly , whether he is getting influenced and he behaves in this way or he by his nature that way ? so decided to take him to separate place out of all these negatives to make him understand her love. so she requested him to get transfer to different location to have some changes in their life either by moving to new city or to a new country, she asked him to do this favor for their welfare of their life, She also ready to transfer completely all her things to the new place since she need a change and a break from these chaotic things that was bothering their relationship.

San wanted to love him in a different way but in reality it was going in a wrong way, she wanted to give him the best things but because of their misunderstanding it misleading to fights , so in order to bring the better understanding , these individuals should stay away from this jealous circle and give each other a better time to get heal by them-self and start care each other as YOU AND I without any disturbances and spend some months alone to bring back the lost love into them to sustain their relationship.

She wanted him to feel the love like if she get loss into the crowd , he can able to find her, the couple should find each other with their fragrance , their eyes should speak millions of words what their hearts feel , she wanted him to feel the best things in his life , she wanted him to be happy always and she want that reason for his smile to be her ,she want to predict his mind what exactly he wants , she wanted their souls to get connected , she wanted to make others to get jealousy for the love between them, she want him to make feel proud but whatever she feels is not alone make sense , he also wanted to give her the space and create that trust and build relationship equally , if there is no positive response from his side and constant misunderstanding leads means how all these things will get work ? for every equal and opposite reaction there is a action behind , the world say this under newtons law under science and universe say this under karma ! so in relationship, both the hands should get clap to bring a good sound, likewise both men and women take the role equally to bring the happiness together !.

She want to hold his hand tightly , not even blinking once. she don’t want to feel like she was breathing and stare his eyes and watch his smile and wanted to die in his lap, such love she is holding inside her for him but this feel is not yet felt by Bhuvan , when the day he realize ,all her problems will get sorted but god only know what that day and when it will come and how he gonna feel everything. her love for her man is very special and it is unique.

Since evening she was feeling very moody thinking of her fate and waiting in the balcony for Bhuvan , the temperature was dropping and it started to drizzle a bit, as per news channels and weather statsistics and records , it was like a cyclone hit, power also shutdown due to that , it was feeing suffocated inside darkness since inverter got repaired two days back , due to rain Bhuvan got stuck in traffic , he used to hate rain and traffic , so he is already is frustrated mood due to that , here San is feeling down inside her due to the running thoughts and also the power is shut down so both are feeling very bad at their each mental state .

So San ordered few foods in her mobile app and it is arrived , she picked and kept that inside the room and called Bhuvan to confirm how long it will take him to reach home , he has not picked the call since he is already on the way ,After 10 min , he parked his car and ranged the door bell , he immediately got changed his clothes and freshen up since he used to do this at any cost, then both went down picking their dinner and find a table and sat in their garden under some candle lights and had their lunch and spent some quality time discussing the things on each others mind and what happened on their day everything , she again bring back the topic for the relocation since she wanted some change and start everything newly in a good way , Bhuvan also listen to her woos and considered her choice and given some attention to her and he also promised her that he will soon plan for the things what she asked for and they decided to make plans for the transfer, then the couple waited for the power to come back to enter into their house and the power came around 11PM, then they slept peacefully

San woke up Bhuvan with his favorite coffee on the next morning . she was happy so she make every arrangements for him with lots of love and served his breakfast and packed his lunch also . since cyclone, it was continuously raining for two days , She was glancing the clean tress and clean weather whioch rain bring to their garden , the pollution levels are down and breathing in the fresh air is giving a different kind of joy when the tear drop of water falling from the leaves with some chilling breeze that touches her face , She happily passed the day and it was a weak this rain is still pouring in the city making few areas flooded around , when rain comes both happiness as well irritation comes as freebie on seeing stagnant waters and mosquitoes in evening.

Bhuvan came home with a happy news , she was waiting for that news eagerly watching his mouth , his transfer got approved and soon they had confirmed him everything about the transfer after checking the vacancy ! the time has come for these couple to feel their love and so they just want to go and live their dream by starting their life beautiful again. So the planning and execution part comes here for transferring their entire things for this relocation. They discussed and planned together for managing everything by joining their hands. meanwhile the couple searched for a better place to rent a flat where they can stay together and do things that near them and that was commutable to his office without any traffic. everything is ready on the list including their packages . company also giving a month accommodation for the family to get settled

As they say change is the only thing that will not change , if we keep changing and accepting the change along the way, the life gets smoother , Growing up at one phase of life and then shrinking badly at another phase is a constant thing , how we take up the things is most important for survival.

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