A Stranger or An Angel

  THIS IS PART OF SUE VINCENT’S: #writephoto. In response to Weekend Writing Prompt #158 : found here tagged creative writing, flash fiction, short story, Weekend Writing Prompt, writing, writing challenge,     His Memories are wandering while he crosses this red painted bridge, Admiring beauty of nature brings back her thoughts like a flash, Now … Continue reading A Stranger or An Angel


Have you ever heard about this law of attraction? Ha Ha... Don’t think about your personal chemistry here …it’s not cupid’s love theory. This theory is like Zoroastrians life, those who attract a happy life through thinking all about positive thoughts and doing good things There are three key laws of Attraction: like Attracts like … Continue reading LAW OF ATTRACTION


"Lets get the glow in Growing old on the Go..." "Find yourself , love yourself ,accept yourself and be yourself ..Just BE YOU" Truly to attain the Goal, none can escape the need of Innumerable Experiences of Every Kind and Every instant.Keep it as your belonging and treasure it for life .Though it is good … Continue reading GROW AND GLOW

Ideal inspiration blogger award

#Bloggeraward Hi everyone, This is my second nomination for the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award.I want to thank my friend Simon for nominating me for this award. He has became an author for a book called nerd kid -haunted series , it will be very thrilling one to immerse on to it .so , pls do … Continue reading Ideal inspiration blogger award

Awesome Blogger Award

  I thank Simon for nominating me for this award, I am happy to start doing awards , because it an opportunity to know about our fellow bloggers. Simon is a passionate writer who loves to encourage and indulge some positivity with his fellow beings and he is a long leg ajussi who has different … Continue reading Awesome Blogger Award


Hi everyone ! Have you ever tried to be perfect in your life and got failed ? Are you sincerely trying to meet a perfect person in your life ? To be frank there is no " perfection " in life -someone who already defined his/her own set of  rules to achieve the  success of happiness … Continue reading IMPERFECTION IS THE PERFECTION

pursuit of happiness

You can be happy without showing that you are happy you don't have to show case your happiness, you don't need anybody's approval to be you learn to get in touch with the actual happiness of happiness there is no way for happiness happiness is the way so live each moment as happy as you … Continue reading pursuit of happiness

Are you living your purpose?

How many of you living your purpose ? How many of you know your purpose of living? The above two question  has difference in their meaning ? Read it again to get some more clarity. Many of us were marching towards a success like a machines running for materialistic pleasures without minding the soul happiness. … Continue reading Are you living your purpose?