Taste of life

Don't be Happy ! Yeah, you heard me right ! Everybody used to say"try be happy always".But I say " don't be happy". Pls, Don't be happy . You may think why am starting this with negative affirmation I have two reasons.. One reason --you don't know what is happiness and how it will taste and … Continue reading Taste of life

Flow phase

why there should be only two phase of life ? Mostly  it is successful or unsuccessful ? why it can't be on the flow ? There was a picture of sarcasm, which  shows someone saying his name is Elon and he is in the left path and he is alone in that path but in … Continue reading Flow phase


Have you ever heard about this law of attraction? Ha Ha... Don’t think about your personal chemistry here …it’s not cupid’s love theory. This theory is like Zoroastrians life, those who attract a happy life through thinking all about positive thoughts and doing good things There are three key laws of Attraction: like Attracts like … Continue reading LAW OF ATTRACTION


Hi everyone ! Have you ever tried to be perfect in your life and got failed ? Are you sincerely trying to meet a perfect person in your life ? To be frank there is no " perfection " in life -someone who already defined his/her own set of  rules to achieve the  success of happiness … Continue reading IMPERFECTION IS THE PERFECTION

“CAGED LIFE ” of a Woman ! do u hear the cries of woman ?

Hi readers..did we got independence ??woman independence ?  Are we are free to do anything what we want ?? Did all our wishes coming true ? Are we independent really? certainly not ! Today May be ,many women are achieving excellence but only after undergoing lots and lots of struggles . Being a  men , … Continue reading “CAGED LIFE ” of a Woman ! do u hear the cries of woman ?