Relationship, Resilience, Reflection -Three R’s

Relationship: ' No significant learning can occur with out a significant relationship '- James Comer Resilience: ' I am not what happened to me , I am what I choose to become '- Carl Jung Reflection : ' Follow effective action with quite reflection. From the quite reflection will come even more effective action '- … Continue reading Relationship, Resilience, Reflection -Three R’s

‘Open Talk’- We want to discuss

Situation is becoming Worst, So San decided to have a open discussion about everything with Bhuvan , So she tried to talk with him but went vain and it became worst more than the previous State, Days gone like this, months gone like this , the couple faced so much of hard things in between … Continue reading ‘Open Talk’- We want to discuss

Marriage – A Mental Trauma

San belongs to orthodox family and she made her mind that she shouldn't love anyone and she is not interested in relationship because she don't have trust in this men society as she is watching how the people used to be in the society and their chauvinistic behavioral and control over women and the way … Continue reading Marriage – A Mental Trauma

Let me be myself : First Fight

Always thinking about Bhuvan, San forget to take care of herself, she is not having enough time of thinking about her own,She let herself down before him by reacting odd with an inner fear of making him feel satisfied by thinking that she couldn't do anything that could make him upset because that much of … Continue reading Let me be myself : First Fight

Keepsake gift : Kaleidoscope

The couple bid a hard goodbye to Riya's family and to the Germany then they boarded a flight for returning to India and the flight journey started and Bhuvan was sleeping as he was already been to sick, San watched the cloud movements and the blue sky and felt the beauty of nature and enjoyed … Continue reading Keepsake gift : Kaleidoscope

Just chilling : Jets On : Stress Off

The couple reached the hotel room after hospitalization for 5 days , being hospitalized made Bhuvan look very tired and very bad , So he went to sleep for hours and So San decide something to change the mood of him by doing small small changes. San had a thought of setting the table with … Continue reading Just chilling : Jets On : Stress Off