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She is waking up at night, when sleep is hard to catch

Battling the faceless monster within herself as a restless soul

She is chasing her thundering thoughts one by one

Which is hitting hard waves like a tsunami

Breaking her into fall for pieces at no order at all

Nothing fitting together completely to resolve her puzzled mind

It’s like a War between the world rule and her own self rule

Peeping through the window she saw the darkness everywhere

It’s like a sign of omen, bouta be tragic

Wild crows flew in one great flock against those heavy storm

Soaring above the turmoil and swinging in times of despair and strife

Gained her confidence from the scene  apropos to the act of bewitched

Tryin’ to find a peace under the sky out of all the chaos that exists outside

Then taken a decision to travel towards the tranquillity with a hope

18 thoughts on “MIND BATTLE

  1. Have I ever read your mind 🤔 Why it makes me feel I’ve heard it before? This is really good, let it all out, blogging helped my mind battles a lot, and I’m sure it will help you too. picked up the right challenge at the right time. Have a peaceful night Sanjuna✨🤗

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