zappy zestful journey to the new country

The couple decide to move abroad by taking up the onsite opportunity offered in Bhuvan’s company for this transfer and they finally decided to move to US for some time period of about 5 to 6 years leaving behind all the negative things that were disturbing their life . they were eagerly excited and happy for their fresh start again in a different environment, everything is new and fresh beginning again forgetting and forgiving the past. Finally they took the journey of their flight and traveled with lot of dreams and new hopes within them for a better life . what matters the most is the love and understanding of both of them so that they should be grateful to have each others in their life .They together taken their common dream nearing their destination. they both had an astounding confidence in them that this decision is right and this fantasy will work and it is not any foolish child-play and it defiantly going to work between them. They both had this thing on their mind like whatever the wear and tear they faced in their life after coming here , they should be brave enough and undergo changes if required and accept the situation and work on together to resolve any issues calmly, both should be benefit of this decision without any regrets. San and Bhuvan are having right motto on their mind like how to take up things next for a better life.Sometimes we don’t need to plan to execute anything , they just happens since God have plans for us.

Their New life started in the New York city, New York has to be one of the most famous cities in the world. Often referred to as the ‘Big Apple’, this vibrant city is known for its exclusive shops, flashy Broadway performances, and high-flying business tycoons, and it’s a city that has long captivated people from all over the world. Life was so thrill and fun to start here for a new beginning , the couple stayed in the accommodation allotted for the couple and they can bear the travel expenses also and company will bear the cost of relocation everything that was one advantage. After a month , they found some nice place for their stay according to their budget and the one near to hustle and commute . Things going well as they expected and planned .

San also started to create some side hustles to increase their finance for their savings by doing some street arts in evening when they spend time in the park , catering and delivering some foods that she used to make for her own channel, from that channel she got to earn some amount and she signed one nearby cafe for delivering her cakes and bakery stuffs as some partnering , she also joined in some volunteering NGO to get connected with high contacts, she hardly tried enough to get in one good IT software job again in the states after finishing her some skill up certifications, Bhuvan also successful in his career and he is getting recognized here in states through his hard-work and achievements and got some rewards too. Bhuvan was helping in home chores equally participating in all work and he is making her happy by understanding her likes and dislikes, they were going walking together, doing yoga together and exercising and playing together , enrolling each other space by involving each other activities , one year rolled this way with lots of happy moments between them . The couple was completely busy with their office , side hustle and their lone times but they didn’t miss a chance to love each other , whatever the opportunity both showered and poured love on each other with lots and lots of love . if you ask after coming to states there is no fight between them ? No, lot of fights happened between them and they quarrel each other, misunderstandings also happened but they didn’t go mute for days like before instead they sit and talk with each other calmly to understand each other perspective and given shoulders to each other at the end of the day. Since it is a different country Bhuvan also controlled his anger and taken care well when comes to his wife. This time he really understood her love for him , so things are on going well even when hurdles comes they just jump and pass by holding on together.

A holiday was planned to spent at nearby spot but they didn’t go for it since San was feeling sick and she has vomited feeling Lazy all the time with her body pains , So Bhuvan thought of taking her to a doctor and waiting for the results, it was positive and happy news that he is going to be dad and San got pregnant. They were sharing this news with their parents happily. Bhuvan was excited about this feeling and he started to enroll himself about pregnancy care and parenting classes to make sure that they should not make any mistakes . on hearing this pregnancy news , he started to care about San than before like taking care of every minute things and trying to keep her happy all the time ,taking her drive over late night for hours rounding the city and giving her nice experiences by buying her favorites foods without even asking , the sparkle in his eyes shows that how happy he was and how much he was excited about this fact of becoming father.

Five months of pregnancy gone well and its time for scans and regular checkups with the doctor, San is getting mood swings in her pregnancy, she sometimes yells at Bhuvan but he used to understand her, sometimes she fall sick , he scared at those times and worry a lot for those two lives , after 7th month they thought someone with them will be helpful , so they informed their parents and asked them to come and stay with them for some days , so they booked air tickets and both parents arrived US.

Initially lot many fights and quarrel happened between the two parents showing each other pride and family cultures and traditions , two parents at one place imagine how things will go but elderly people advice and guidance is needed at these time and it was adjusted by the couple bearing the things by keeping the baby on their mind. now 9th month , baby shower function will happen , they arranged a grand baby showering function and baby bump shoots . celebration begins by welcoming the new one into family , gift hampers were shared to the guest and food was served and photo shoots happen, everyone enjoyed the function and left for the day.

Bhuvan parents took flight to India but San parents stayed with her for moral and mental support .This time he understood her parents love and care for him and treated them with lots of respect. San mom prepare some nice foods for her and taken specially mother care for her daughter who is going to be mother soon, This is a different feeling . After a week , on one fine Wednesday, by early morning she got the labour pain , She got admitted in the hospital, Bhuvan was holding her hand watching her pain and tears were rolling down in his eyes thinking all the situations on his mind and worried and tensed a lot, his heartbeat heavily now , after some hours of continuous struggle , the baby was born crying aloud , happy tears in his eyes and San went unconscious holding his hand , this again made him worry .

Their Life is complete with the arrival of their baby and its a boy baby , its a normal delivery without any surgery and the mother is also safe and fine is the most happiest news here !

After some hours , San was awake from her unconscious state and she rolled her head to her left side were the cradle and baby is placed and Bhuvan was sitting to his baby and he is also watching her. watching their baby , the couple were holding both of their hands and look into each others eye and smiled with happiness and love !

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