Wardrobe de-cluttering

San’s wardrobe became so mess , every clothes are shuffled and hided , few got missed and some looks very clumsy. Due to her stress , she forgot to take care of her own and her things too. She didn’t cared enough to take care now a days , she got disturbed and started ignoring things, she was absent minded sometimes, lack of concentration on things again making things worst for her, lack of self-care leads to lack of attention , lack of health ,she was destroying herself by ignoring the trigger warnings. Bhuvan life is not worst like San , he is not falling under this dark hole, his life was happy with his friends , with his parents and relatives ,only the relationship with San got disturbed apart from that everything seems fine for him but for San everything got changed and she getting loses into this pit hole and she is becoming something worst by losing her nature . she stopped smiling long back due to the mess happened in her life. she is missing herself , even trying hard enough is also not helping her to regain herself from all these traumas, how mental health affects and destroy one person will be clearly seen when you look at her.

She is trying to get ready but clothes are not fitting for her because she became obese not sleeping , stressed eating habits , depression , fatigue everything made her to look worst , her environment also mess which is not giving any positive vibes, she feel suffocated and hard to breathe like stuck up inside a box. when she is trying to find something to wear the wardrobe was mess, so she decided to de-clutter everything, so she arranged everything neatly one by one taking some hours and sorted neatly using some wardrobe organizers and packed some clothes for some donations, then she also made some sweet recipes for the channel and packed those sweets along with her and took a cab to reach at one orphanage home and given some clothes and sweets to those people and given some money for their welfare and returned home by buying some new plants along with her and she kept all those air purifiers plants inside the room corners by giving some make over to the environments and she cleaned everything and made some arrangements and lighted some divas and kept some nice smelling flowers over a bowl filled with water at the entrance of the hall to give some positive vibes and she burned some incense sticks to create a aura. She got some relaxation with this activity and some calmness with the environment for a mood change . She is trying to regrow every time when life imposes her to wither !

everyone have a different style of relaxing , some will be addicted to toxic things and get losses into it , some will use pleasant things to change their mind, some will heal with music and art forms, plenty of ways and notions are there for relaxation, the path we choose decides who we are , what we do as in consistency will make us that way. people will look for heartbeat in their partner and badly want to be mended as soon as possible, and there are also few who will stay quiet and feel the pain deep within them before acting on it. people cant be judge the other person how they cope up with agony , or when will they want to start to recover from it, its for them to decide .its inevitable to get hurt and its understandable to move on at a slow pace .

In Relationship , there should not be any white lines between two people that they aren’t suppose to cross, if there is boundary , we will easily forgive them when they overstep on us , it should not be a cramped shell with no depth o?ything that makes you to breathe enough when they are around, one must not hesitate to spill out their feelings, when people are willing to do everything just to make their loved ones happy and it continued for years , they became liability,some will use this for their advantage.

If the world ends today , what kind of person would we like to be before we die ? is loneliness suffered alone worse than being lonely with people? living requires lot of patience and practice only. Now San has to give herself a choice to get healed and regrow again happily , though the effort is apinful and long process she will be successful once she nailed it . She become stronger to take things in light note there after .

Sometimes She used to sit in her balcony, watching the rain for minutes , sometimes listening to music for hours. she find herself suddenly taking a personal day and visit the aquarium and buy some new fishes as her pet , yes she used to have some pet wish and she also maintain some fish tank in her home and she spend some time with those fishes and she speak with those marine life and she love to watch when they swim here and there and she love feeding them , so she do some decorative water freshers and aquatic plants and some new exotic fish pets as her collection , it makes her feel good sometimes, when comes to water or water creatures she feel peace inside her like a long time bonding . sometimes she feel trembled in the middle of the night , her anxiety makes her breathing difficult , she feel uneasy and got some feeling stuck inside a box, her depressive episodes aren’t as frequent as they were before ,he feel heavy inside her like getting broken into pieces and again when she is trying to recollect those pieces to put together again to form a shape without even giving that chance or time, again some hard wave crash into her by breaking her more into dust to loss all her peace at once. she cry for long hours under her pillows being insomniac for months, she is trying to cope up all these pain and try to be normal again for every sunrise and sunset pretending to be normal as if like nothing happened with others in-order to stay herself strong enough. She even get in touch with the therapist sometimes for a healing. She is trapping into nightmares and her trauma all over again when she closes her eyes and she get lost in thoughts. tormented mind and traumas play major role here , sometimes she feel happy with her daily routine while cooking , listening to birds and walking in the garden , watching her pets, while indulging in her arts . this rollercoaster ride of life with those all ups and downs and never ending problems , she is finding her hopes in places that seems a little too hopeless believing in Karma and God hoping things to be okay at the end.

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